Товары для будущих мам и малышей

Dear Partners!

We invite for the cooperation the companies of all the types of patterns of ownership, which accomplish the wholesale suppliers of the goods for pregnant women and new-bourns, as well as the retail activity.
Our 5 year experience on the Belarusian market, reliable partnership with companies from Belarus, Poland, Russian Federation, united and professional team, and also the modern business attitude to our work give us the opportunity to work stably, reliably and with mutual profitability. We aim at the development of our commodity distribution structures, the widening of the range of the goods, offered to the customers, the improvement of the service, the applying of new modern technologies in business, as well as the attraction of new customers, which are satisfied with their choice.

We would be glad to start the profitable partnership.

phone/fax +375 162 20 85 55
for SMS +375 29 720 85 55
phone + 375 162 20 88 94
e-mail matulya.brest@gmail.com